Friday, January 28, 2011

Amazing Thai Foods

Thailand is the first country I visited in Asia. I can say that Thailand is truly amazing country not only for many spectacular tourist spot but also for Thai foods. Thai people served delicious foods along the streets corners and in class dining restaurants. I don’t like to eat spicy foods because I am not used to eat but when I tried Thai foods, I can say that it is truly delicious and I love to eat. In my one year of stay in Thailand, I can say that Thai foods are really exotic foods, unique and you can’t compare it to other.

My top favorite Thai foods are khaw pad gai (fried rice with chicken), khaw pad krapao (fried rice with basil), khaw mungai (steamed chicken rice), tom yam gai (spicy chicken soup), kuaytiew nua (beef noodles), kuaytiew kai (chicken noodles). I really love to it these foods.

Thai people served variety of foods, very cheap but so delicious. If you plan to visit to Thailand, I am very sure that you will love to eat Thai foods. 

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